How much money can I save with IPLC?

The IPLC unit has a microprocessor and temperature sensors designed to intelligently deliver the power only when it is needed. This provides the user with the necessary power while saving you money on power costs.

The IPLC unit can be paired with the IP3 Series Pedestal or used as a stand alone unit as the IPLC M210.

The power saving potential of the IPLC depends on: the weather conditions, number of stalls, price per kilowatt hour and the shift time of your parking lot unit. If you would like to learn more about the savings potential of the IPLC unit you can request a savings report here. Every savings report is generated by our real world simulation software which uses the variables you provide to illustrate the savings potential of the IPLC unit if utilized in your parking lot.

Click here to request your free IPLC savings report.

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