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IP3 Series Pedestal Downloads

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Download IP3-15-SR-N-FS

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IP3 Series Pedestal Facts

  • Rust-free anodized aluminum tower construction.
  • Available in 15'' or 29'' pedestal heights.
  • Pedestals anchored with universal mounting rings designed to fit 6'' or 7'' grid mounts.
  • Available with or without the IPLC control and in single or dual control models.
  • FS mount with in-use cover.
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IPLC M210 Facts

  • The IPLC unit can be installed in minutes without any special wiring.
  • Ideal for new or retrofit jobs, models available for 15 or 20 amp installations
  • The IPLC has flexiable programming capabilities for all applications.
  • The IPLC can reduce energy costs up to 65%.
  • The IPLC has unique diagnostic feed back lights.
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