How To Save On Electricity: IP3 Series Pedestal

Learning how to save on electricity enables people to use power resources more wisely, as well as save money. It is important for most, if not all parking lots, to have power outlets where automotive users can plug in their engine block heater to allow for an easy, fast and smooth engine start up. The IP3 Series Pedestal is one of the latest power saving devices that can be installed in parking lots. Unlike other parking lot power outlets, the IP3 Series Pedestal is rust-free, comes in varying stand heights, and automatically detects the wind chill and outdoor temperature to allow it to regulate the required power flow.

Technical Details

The IP3 pedestal has a rust-free anodized aluminum tower. This means that, in addition to it being electric-shock free, harsh weather (heat, cold, water, etc.) does not corrode or wear off the aluminum cover. Furthermore, the IP3 can save up to 65% of electricity if it is paired with an IPLC control.

About the IPLC Control

Electricity saving is more of a conscious effort, by multiple parties, than it is a left-to-chance activity. The smart IPLC control regulates power flow into a vehicles engine block heater, by first detecting the wind chill and temperature. This ensures the required power is available to heat the engine/ oil of an auto for an easy, smooth and fast engine start-up. The control accommodates two circuits that can be programmed separately. The IPLC control also indicates whether each of the circuits has power or not.

IP3 Series Pedestal stands come in varying heights; 15 inches or 29 inches. The IP3 is available in dual and single sided installations meaning one set of outlets at the back and the other at the front. Each pedestal can optionally be paired with the power saving IPLC control. The receptacles are mounted on a FS box mount. Lastly, the IP3 Pedestals can carry an electrical load of up to 1,800 watts.


There are many tips on how to save on electricity, the use of efficient power saving devices is one of those. The IP3 Series Pedestal excels at optimizing power consumption, thanks to the features that enable it to detect external, and internal, auto temperatures, and regulate power flow. The device comes in durable aluminum rust-free stands and it can accommodate dual or single sided installations. Additionally, each IP3 can be individually programmed with the use of the Data-Mate device.

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