What information is required to generate a savings report?

The following information is required to generate a savings report for your parking lot.

All savings reports start with a requirement for valid contact information. The following are the necessary pieces of information.

Name: First and last name
Company: Name of your business or the business you are associated with.
Email Address: A valid email address, it can be your personal or business email address.
Phone number: Your mobile or telephone number. This can be either your personal or business phone number.

Note: We will not contact you unless you request to be contacted. At the end of every savings report you are asked to save your contact preferences, more information can be found here.

Following your contact information are the specific details about your simulation.

Region: Your region is required in order to select accurate weather data to simulate weather conditions in your region. If your region is not listed here, please select a region closest to your location.
Vehicle Type: Select the type of vehicle that will use your parking lot on a frequent basis. This is important because the appropriate IPLC profile is selected for the class of vehicle you specify. Additionally, Diesel vehicle types use 1,400 watt usage figures where Gasoline vehicle types use 800 watt usage figures.
Plug-in Period: Your plug-in period indicates the plug-in time frame of the users for your parking lot. This is important because weather changes throughout the day and changes in temperature will affect the results of the savings report.
Parking Stalls: Indicate the number of stalls in your parking lot. These are individual parking spots for vehicles.
Price per kilowatt hour: Indicate the price per kilowatt hour for your parking lot. This is the amount your electricity provider charges for your power usage. The price per kilowatt hour (KwH) will appear on your power bill. If you are experiencing difficulty locating your price per kilowatt hour figure, read this help topic for more information.

We encourage you to generate your free savings report today. If you have any questions or require assistance with your savings report, please contact us.

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